Naked man arrested for accosting teen in Lynwood

A horrifying experience for a 13-year old girl who was attacked by a naked man in her Lynwood backyard.

"This morning I was having panic attacks, I kept shaking so much i was breaking down in tears."

Still traumatized, 13-year-old Erin recounts the terrifying moments she says she was grabbed by a naked man hiding in her backyard Wednesday night.

"That's when he like ran towards me and grabbed me and dragged me to like here and I kept hitting him and hitting him." Erin said.

It happened around 9 o'clock. The 8th grader says she was watching tv when she heard her dogs crying outside. she went in the backyard to let the dogs in and that's when she says she was approached by a stranger who had no clothes on.

"When he grabbed me, i just started screaming for help.. like help, help like screaming as loud as I can and that's when I started hitting him in the head for him to like stop dragging me." said Erin.

Hearing her screams, Erin's mother, grandfather and neighbors quickly ran outside to help. Erin's mother used a rake to subdue the man and took pictures of him as they waited for police.

"My mom was like yelling at him like hitting him... get to the ground, get to the ground so he laid down. my mom was like put your hands behind your back, pick your feet up and he was like doing all of that and my mom like put her foot on him to like keep him down." said Erin.

Police arrived and took the suspect into custody. he was later identified as 28 year-old Gerardo Carillo.

police say, he may have been under the influence. as for the brave teenager, officers commended her for the way she handled herself during the attack.

"They told me i was very brave for defending myself because most people will just freeze on the spot."

Police say the suspect reportedly had been gong door to door in the neighborhood asking to be let inside before he ended up in the victim' backyard. tonight he's being held on 100-thousand dollars bail, booked on multiple charges including indecent exposure and false imprisonment.