More Asian Americans buying guns since pandemic, new data shows

The reasons are many, and it depends on whom you ask why they might be buying a gun for the first time.

Could it be the increase in anti-Asian hate? One woman explained, yes, that is one reason why she decided to become a first-time gun owner.

"I see the society seems to not [be] safe," the woman explained.

The 65-year-old woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said watching the news, she noticed a lot of Asian hate – particularly during the pandemic.

David Liu, who has been selling guns for about six years, said sales "went up like crazy" in his business during the pandemic.

"I sold about a thousand guns in that year," Liu said. "It went up four times."

Nationwide gun sales saw a similar increase overall. But according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, there's been a 43% increase in sales to Asians, the population that tends to own the fewest guns.

Liu was surprised he didn't see a spike in sales after Monterey Park. He did, however, see an increase in calls about CCW as concealed carry weapon permits.

"We did have a customer have [a] question about that. And we did help him to find to fill out the application," he said.