Oodles of noodles dumped in Old Bridge woods

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  (Credit: Nina Jochnowitz via Storyful)

A trail of cooked pasta was found alongside a creek in Old Bridge, New Jersey last week.

Photos posted on Facebook show heaps of spaghetti and elbow-shaped noodles in the woods.

Community Leader Nina Jochnowitz said she stumbled across trail of pasta, estimated to be "300-400 pounds," with no explanation of how it got there. 

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The town’s public works department arrived within hours of her post for "a rapid cleanup" of the river basin "and pasta dump," according to Jochnowitz. Her friend called it "mission im-pasta-ble," and posted it on New Jersey reddit page. One comment read, "we should send the perpetrators to the state penne tentiary." 

More seriously, Jochnowitz said, the incident sheds light on the garbage clean-up issue in the town. Jochnowitz claims Old Bridge doesn’t have bulk garbage pickup, "and while this is ‘only pasta,’ this is the only town in Middlesex County without bulk garbage pickup. We have hundreds of dumps of waste throughout the township."

Angelina Fay via Storyful contributed to this report.