Mexican restaurant buzzing with customers who want to feel a connection to Kobe

A little Mexican food joint is buzzing with customers who want to feel a connection to the late Kobe Bryant. 

El Camino Real in Fullerton is known for good carne asada burritos, tostadas, and carnitas. It used to be Kobe Bryant’s go-to place. Now fans are dropping by to order Kobe’s favorite plate which happened to be the carne asada tostada and ajua de melon. Fans also want to be in the same space that Kobe loved so much.

Fullerton resident William Gonzales says, “This is just a little hole in the wall in a strip mall and just for him to come here instead of like a five-star restaurant is amazing.”

Another fan says,  “I just wanted to be in a place where he loved and he loved this place.”

Employees tell us that Kobe would always joke, “I’m Mexican too.” 

The basketball legend always expressed his special bond with the Latino community. He learned to speak Spanish so he could community with people in their native language. Employee Karina Fernandez says, “He told us to treat him like a regular customer.”  That meant standing in line like everyone else. 

They say Kobe would often sit with the workers and talk about family. Those are the memories they have Kobe; memories they’ll cherish for life.