Mayor Pete Buttigieg supports new rights for Uber & Lyft drivers

Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants Uber and Lyft drivers to be able to unionize and be classified as "employees" instead of "gig workers".

"If the only way we can make things more affordable is to make other driver’s miserable…then something is wrong!"

“When you work, you ought to be able to expect certain protections around your wages…if our economy can’t deliver that, what’s the point of an economy?”

If California's AB-5 passes, hundreds of thousands of workers could receive additional benefits. Buttigieg surprised drivers at a protest in San Francisco this week.

Buttigieg talked about it all during a one on one interview with Elex Michaelson for FOX’s political show “The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson”

“Its possible to have a thriving business in this industry and also do right by your workers,” the Mayor told Michaelson. 

Buttigieg also expressed outrage at President Trump’s tweet that proclaimed he’s the “best thing that ever happened to” Puerto Rico. 

The Trump Administration wants to divert $221 million from FEMA to help build the President’s border wall that he originally promised Mexico would pay for. 

“Why in the world would we be diverting money away from emergency management at a moment when emergencies are happening more & more often?”

On the issue of guns, Buttigieg supports universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. 

He said the Senate may need to change the rules to pass something like a background check bill, which is supported by a large percentage of Americans. 

“I think the filibuster’s days need to end!” he said. “ In the hands of Republicans, it will continue to be a way to prevent progress from happening when the American people are demanding we do something from election security to gun safety to climate to wages to democracy itself.”

Polls show Buttigieg solidly in fifth place in most polls behind Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris. 

Michaelson asked about his strategy for victory?

“I do have a different approach from those who are to my left, who run the risk of further polarizing this country and to those who think we can win over Republicans by sounding like Republicans. I’m looking at a different way.”

Buttigieg also reflected on the 4 year anniversary of going on the first date with his now husband, Chasten. 

“When you’re experiencing the madness of the campaign trail, having someone in your life who cares about you for you & cares about you just the same if overnight you were no longer involved in politics…keeps your feet on the ground, it keeps you in touch with your own values.”  

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