Long Beach resident's erratic behavior terrorizes neighbors; Police can't arrest him

A Long Beach resident's series of erratic behavior is leaving neighbors on edge.

The resident, believed to be battling mental illness, is seen in neighbors' Ring cameras making bloodcurdling screams and yelling at neighbors. Many of the tenants that live in the same apartment as the man say they are being terrorized by the man who lives on the fifth floor.

The man is also seen wandering the halls aimlessly day or night, even threatening people.

"He's got everyone in the building held hostage," said one neighbor. "And every time we call the cops out, they say that there's nothing that they can do about it until he hurt someone."

Neighbors say the man had been taking medications, but during the times he's off his meds, that's when the erratic behavior comes into full display.

"You can hear him yelling that he needs his meds, and now he's drinking alcohol, too," said one neighbor.

Tenants have been long told by police that until the man actually breaks the law or commits a crime, there is nothing they can do about it.