LAPD investigating officers who let apparent drunk driver stumble away from crash scene

The Los Angeles Police Department has launched a personnel investigation into the conduct of officers who let an apparent drunk driver stumble away from the scene of a crash he caused in Los Feliz without a breathalyzer or any charges.

The department confirmed the investigation to FOX 11 on Monday.

On August 22, the suspected DUI driver crashed into several parked vehicles near the intersection of Hillhurst and Los Feliz.

Video shot by witness Katy Wicker shows the driver out of his vehicle, stumbling around, barely able to keep himself standing up.

“Oh my gosh he was completely intoxicated,” Wicker said.

"I mean everything that you learn about what a drunk person is like, he showed every sign of that from slurring his words to not being able to stand up straight he couldn’t walk a straight line, she said.

The man still had his keys and was trying to get back in his car despite the LAPD response.

Wicker says she and others were stunned when police simply let the man go.

Onlookers began questioning and yelling at LAPD for letting him go.

Tonight LAPD confirms they're investigating what happened and didn't happen during this incident.

The department tells FOX 11 they've launched a personnel investigation into the conduct of the responding officers.

FOX 11 spoke by phone with one of the women whose car was crashed into by this driver.

She tells us that she’s considering suing both the driver and the LAPD.

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