LAPD identifies suspect in deadly North Hills hit-and-run

A $50,000 reward is being offered to community members who can give police information that will lead to the arrest of a woman suspected of leaving the scene of a deadly collision that left a father dead and four people critically injured.

The crash happened just after 5:30 a.m. on Sunday at the intersection of Haskell Avenue and Parthenia Street in North Hills.

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Detectives with LAPD's Valley Traffic Division stated a Nissan Murango was traveling west on Parthenia and approaching the green light when a Lexus sedan traveling north on Haskell slammed into the SUV.

The Nissan crashed into an unoccupied truck before landing in front of a home on Parthenia. The sole passenger in the Nissan died.

He was identified as Francisco Hernandez Rivas, 48. Police said he was a father of two teenagers who are now mourning the loss of their father who was traveling to church on Father's Day the morning the deadly crash took place.

Surveillance footage that showed the collision also showed the alleged driver of the Lexus get out the car and leave the scene of the crash.

Detective Lisset Fuentes with LAPD VTD said Martiza Joana Lara, 27 of Van Nuys, headed east on Parthenia Street.

"Looking at the video you can tell she's just--she's careless about who's left behind in the vehicle," Fuentes continued.

"She obviously knows them, they're not strangers to her. She still doesn't care to render aid to them. So she just walks away."

Fuentes confirmed open bottles of beer and liquor were found in the Lexus.

"When we got to the scene there was obvious evidence that there had been some drinking going on. In the vehicle, it was a lot of open containers so obviously high possibility that alcohol was a factor in this collision as well." Fuentes noted Lara had a prior DUI.

Her last known address was at an apartment complex on Haskell Avenue where her mother and youngest sister live.

They told FOX 11 reporter Leah Uko that Lara's 24-year-old sister and three friends, a man and two other women were passengers in the Lexus. All were still in the hospital as of Tuesday night.

Lara's sister was set to undergo surgery. Her mother didn't speak English, but her youngest daughter translated her mother's words.

"She's impacted, and she can't believe what happened."

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact LAPD Valley Traffic Detectives at 818-644-8035.