In Depth: Propositions, Red Cross volunteers

Segment One: Fernando Guerra, a Political Science Professor at Loyola Marymount University joins Hal  to talk about three of the propositions on the November ballot.

He explains Proposition 29, which regards having additional medical personnel at dialysis clinics.   He also discusses Propositions 28 and 31, which center around music and art education funding for schoolchildren, and banning flavored tobacco products.

Segment Two: Gerald  Thomas - Chief Operating Officer  for the Los Angeles region Red Cross is with Hal to talk about Hurricane Ian and L.A. Red Cross volunteers.

Thomas says people from L.A have really stepped up to help, but the need for volunteers remains high.   The website for those who’d like to help is

Segment Three: We meet a couple of those volunteers who were motivated to sign up by a story they saw on the news.   Beth Morrissey and Sharon Williams say compassion and a desire to help out pushed them to make that call after seeing stories about the damage done by Hurricane Ian.

Both have already gone through training, and Morrissey actually got a call to deploy to Florida as she was waiting in our green room to come on the show.

Segment Four: Hal promotes his podcast and we end with video of the Red Cross LA’s missions to assist in many ways.