In Depth: New adaptive technologies to assist people with disabilities

SEGMENT A: New Adaptive Controller for Gamers.

11-Year-old GROVER SIEGEL has a limb difference that makes it a challenge to use common videogame controllers. So now, Microsoft has developed a new Adaptive Controller made for gamers with physical challenges. Grover and his mother are featured in a 2019 Super Bowl Commercial from Microsoft, seen by millions of people around the world. In this episode of Fox 11 News In Depth, Hal talks with Grover, his mother, JENNIFER MANLEY, and his father, ANDY SIEGEL... about how the new controller is helping level the playing field for gamers with disabilities.

SEGMENT B: Not Impossible Labs

Hal continues the discussion Jordan Richardson, Talent and Business Development Manager, at "Not Impossible Labs." He shows us a device that helps people with hearing disabilities "feel" the music at a concert. We also talk about an Eye-Writer that is helping TEMPT, a genre-defining graffiti artist who suffers from ALS, to communicate and create art again. And, we see how 3-D printers are helping victims of war recover use of their damaged limbs.

SEGMENT C: Other Amazing Inventions

Fox 11 Tech Producer Tshaka Armstrong show us other adaptive technologies, like Legos with Braille, and a teleconferencing device that helps people with hearing loss.

SEGMENT D: Our Podcasts

A final word on the latest Podcasts.