How to make healthy lunches for the week for $20

We're showing you how to make five healthy lunches for the week for just $20.

Eric Nicewarner, the executive chef at Whole Foods Market, joined us on Good Day LA with the menu and grocery shopping list to fit your budget!

The key is to work less. Use ingredients that will work with you for multiple meals without making you bored. Pick two key proteins that will work as your base for multiple meals.

We are using a half rotisserie chicken that is available at Whole Foods Market for $4.99 and a can of chili for $3.99.

Another great hint is shop the bulk section to get smaller amounts of what you need. Why buy a giant bag of quinoa or almonds if you only need for 1-2 servings? Same goes for produce! Utilize the salad bar to get the perfect portions needed. Plus, this will save you on washing and cutting times.

Here is what we are making for week:

1) Chicken Salad (with Greek Yogurt instead of mayo)

Mix chicken, greek yogurt, almonds, dried cranberries and squeeze of lemon

2) Sweet Potato with Chili

Roast sweet potato and add half can of chili

3) Chicken, Avocado Sandwich

Add chicken, avocado and tomato, spread on Greek yogurt instead of mayo to pita.

4) Quinoa Bowl with Chicken and Veggies with a homemade Greek yogurt dressing

Mix quinoa, chicken, salad bar (kale and other veggies) with homemade greek yogurt dressing (blend Greek yogurt, half avocado leftover from previous day's sandwich and squeeze lemon)

5) Stuffed Bell Pepper

Cut and clean Bell Pepper, stuff with half can of chili, remaining cooked quinoa and cheese. Bake at 450 for 20 minutes.

Here is your short grocery list:

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