Helicopter makes emergency landing in Fairfax District park

A helicopter had to make an emergency landing at a park in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles Tuesday night.

It happened just before 9 p.m. SkyFOX was over Pan Pacific Park, as officers with the Los Angeles Police Department were talking with the pilot of a helicopter that had to touch down on the park's baseball field. 

"I did talk to the pilot, he said that they were having some really strange vibration coming from the engine, and the lights came on," said Eric Calhoun, the Senior Recreation Director at Pan Pacific Park, who watched the helicopter come down. "He was on a tour, he had a family with him, and they were touring the Hollywood Hills and stuff, and he saw the park area and made the safe landing in the baseball field."

Konstantin Nossachev is a helicopter instructor. He was walking in the area with his girlfriend when he said he heard the helicopter and knew something was wrong. 

"We heard the engine misfiring, so we just heard ‘Pop, pop, pop!' And I said ‘Lisa this doesn’t sound good, I think he's having an issue," Nossachev said. "…We thought, ‘Oh my god, it’s an emergency landing."

Nossachev said the pilot did a good job finding a safe area to land and appeared to have landed the helicopter safely without issue. There were no injuries reported.

The manager of the park said the chopper would be trucked out on a flatbed on Wednesday morning.