Grad Standout: Elite Lakewood athlete continues to persevere despite devastating injury

Elias Galvan is a fierce competitor and multi-sport athlete from Lakewood who has not allowed a devastating knee injury to hold him back.

The Lakewood High School senior started playing football as a freshman and then he made the transition to wrestling his junior year where he made it all the way to CIF. 

As Galvan continued to train, he tore his ACL his senior year and could no longer grapple.

“I couldn’t participate at all, but I did cheer on my team as much as I could.  It really took a toll on me and my family’s personal lives. “

Galvan admits his knee injury forced many things in his life to change. 

He says he couldn’t skate anymore or go on nature hikes. 

With a love for competition, Galvan now competes on a computer instead of a football field of the wrestling mat. 

“During this online era that we’re going into right now, my friends and I are playing Pokemon with each other. It’s one of the few things that keep us entertained. I really hope you all have that one thing that keeps your mind at ease.”

Galvan is planning to take his love for online gaming as he explores a career in computer science and engineering.  He says he’s planning to attend Long Beach City College in the fall. 

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