FOX 11 report triggers homeless agency investigation

A 7-year-old tells me he remembers living in his mom's car. "We didn't have no where to play. We just had to sit in the car all night and sleep." Now, Adonis Love and his family are in shared-housing provided by LA Homeless Services Authority, but are being threatened by eviction because of issues related to payment of funds to the building's landlord. The house has ten single moms and 20 children. All are nervous.

Whether Love, and other children in the same situation, become homeless again depends on the outcome of an investigation by the city and county's main homeless services agency. When Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority learned from FOX11 of the crisis at the 10-unit home on 42nd Street they became concerned. Hence, the investigation of all of the agencies, landlords and personnel involved.

As per their agreement, the women told us most had gotten work, were putting whatever money they could into the Family Solutions Program, but despite that they were told they had to be out by October 1st.

Wednesday the agency for dealing with homeless services told us they're going to investigate and don't want any tenants evicted right now. And, they say they are looking at the entire program that deals with shared-housing.

Meanwhile, at Weingart's Family Solutions Center there were lots of people with different issues, And, it was evident there was an investigation going on. Managers wouldn't comment because of it. In fact, they asked us to leave.

But, we talked to several women who came here in the same situation as the original 10. Like the women from 42nd Street they were asking for help to keep from being evicted.

Amber Pumphrey told us she was in the same situation too. Pumphrey, who is 9-months pregnant, thought she had a housing agreement with Family Solutions. But, says there was a payment problem just like what happened to the women on 42nd street.

Kela Stephens is another. She and her kids were living on skid row until they got shared-housing and she worries it could possibly happen again.

For LAHSA, the investigation continues.

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