FOX 11 In Depth: Debating the CA November Ballot Propositions

This week we're all about three propositions on the November ballot. Our guests explain Props 6, 8 and 10.

SEGMENT ONE: Carl DeMaio and Robin Swanson sit on our studio sofa next to each other, but agree on nothing. DeMaio is the state chairman for the YES on Prop 6 campaign. That's the campaign to repeal the 12-cent-a-gallon tax aimed at fixing roads, bridges, infrastructure and transit projects. Swanson represents NO on Prop 6.

That's the group saying we'll suffer more if the repeal-proposition is passed. She and DeMaio attack back and forth on everything including their groups perspectives on the tax and how to pay for California infrastructure needs. They both agree there are needs. But, they don't agree on how to get there. We also hear about a mailer put out by the YES campaign that Swanson calls a scam.

DeMaio says its the way to show voters what the measure should have been called. He argues that state officials came up with a complicated title for the measure in the election books and ballot to confuse voters.

SEGMENT TWO: We continue with Carl DeMaio and Robin Swanson and hear from LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

SEGMENT THREE: Pete Peterson is the Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy. He analyzes props 8 and 10 in this segment. Prop 8 is about dialysis regulation and Prop 10 looks at rent control. He also discusses why the proposition process sometimes seems confusing.

SEGMENT FOUR: What's coming up in the next "What the Hal?" podcast and our farewells. The podcast we promote is our conversation with LAPD Director of Public Information Josh Rubenstein. We talk about body-cams, LAPD operations and more.