Edibles recalled in Michigan after containing 200 mg of THC per serving

Marijuana edibles that contained too much THC have been recalled following a review from the state's cannabis regulatory agency.

The edibles, which were branded as "The Weed Bar" failed to list that it was a marijuana product on the packaging, the CRA said in a release sent last week. That, in addition to the edibles being created with 200 mg of THC per serving, were the reason for the recall.

Manufactured by the Bloomfield Development Group Groe LLC, based in Bloomfield, said it would voluntarily recall a limited amount of the edibles due to "compliant creation" and "packaging", the release said. 


(Photo: Cannabis Regulatory Agency)

Any product that contains cannabis or cannabis-infused materials must state on the packaging that it 

contains marijuana. Being named "The Weed Bar" was not explicit enough. 

The CRA said anyone who purchased the edibles should return them to the sales location to be disposed of.  

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Consumers are encouraged to also report any adverse reactions to marijuana product to the CRA via email at CRA-Enforcement@michigan.gov or by phone at (517) 284-8599.