Dozens of trees lining historic Ontario area to be cut down

Dozens of trees that have stood tall for decades along Ontario's historic Euclid Avenue are set to be cut down. The trees grow along the cities main thoroughfare and some date back to the 1800's.

The news has many residents in the Inland Empire upset and petitioning the city council to keep the trees.

"I would like to see them take more initiative to save these trees and more precautions for preventing this from happening," said Sierra Humphrey who started an online petition to save the trees.

The city has already removed several trees on Euclid Avenue North of Holt Boulevard. On Tuesday, about 80 more trees were marked with spray paint South of Holt Boulevard indicating they will be removed in April.

"The trees have been here for decades and decades and generations for families. A lot of these trees provide memories for a lot of people, and for some people, this is their only memories they have," said Humphrey.

City leaders say the Pepper, Magnolia and Eucalyptus trees will be removed and replaced after an arborist determined those trees are either diseased, aged or badly impacted by the drought.