Controlled chaos distance learning: How a single mom of four is making it work

Distance learning can we overwhelming for so many parents.

Red bull and prayer is how one mom describes how she gets through a day now that her children are distance learning in San Bernardino.

Alyssa Payne is chasing her 2-year-old, while making sure the 5-year-old can log on her computer in the kitchen, while her older sibling figures out her English assignment in one bedroom. Her oldest, a 6th grader, wears earphones as he works on yet another laptop in another corner of the apartment. 

The family has been adopted by the Community Action Partnership in San Bernardino, which helps low income families find sufficiency. Darrell Fry tells us the calls coming in have gone from assistance for rent, to assistance for food and utilities; and those calling are no longer lower income families, but they come from every income level. 

If you’d like to help, perhaps even “adopt” a family through the Community Action Partnership, you can reach out to them online at 

Alissa also helped create the Facebook page ‘San Bernardino Distance Learning Neighborhood Support Group’ for parents needing help.