Community demands justice for innocent dad of 5 killed in South LA crash stemming from police chase

The community is demanding justice for a dad of five who was killed in a crash involving a group of suspects trying to evade officers in a police chase.

Back in August 19, 38-year-old Jamarae Keyes and his passenger 35-year-old Janisha Harris were both killed in a crash in South Los Angeles with a driver who was trying to get away from police.

Keyes' widow, Tanya Keyes, told FOX 11 her heart still hurts days after the horrific crash.

"He wasn't speeding and he wasn't the one that they were chasing," Ms. Tanya Keyes said. "He was just an innocent person driving on a green light, as he should, and loses his life."

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At first, the Los Angeles Police Department said the crash was not caused by a police chase, but the police report itself clearly states the department's seventh patrol unit was in pursuit of a vehicle at the time of the crash.

"It was a lie," said community activist Najee Ali. "It was not the truth."

Ali is demanding transparency from LAPD.

"We can't have the department stating one thing, that they were not in pursuit," Ali said. "And then we find out later, according to their own records, they were indeed in pursuit."

Attorney Jasmine Mines is representing the Keyes and Harris families. Mines is asking LAPD to release body cam footages of the chase and crash.

"Not releasing it begs the question, ‘Were they negligent? Were they reckless? Do they know they were?’" Mines said.

"I just want to make sure we get justice for him," said Ms. Tanya Keyes.

As Jamarae Keyes leaves behind five kids, Harris leaves behind two children after the deadly crash.