City of LA partners with 15 local restaurants to provide meals to homebound seniors

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says the city has partnered with 15 restaurants to provide meals to more than 1,000 homebound seniors next week.

With the help of the city council, a restaurant in each council district was chosen to be part of the program. 

During the mayor’s daily press briefing, he said as of last Monday they enrolled over 4,000 additional seniors in the program, provided over 33,000 meals and reopened four hospitality kitchens. 

Garcetti says this program is also helping the local job market by putting Angelenos back to work. He said 120 people in the restaurant industry went back to work and another 126 taxi drivers went back to work to help deliver all the meals. 

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“It means more meals for our seniors, it means more help for our businesses and means more help for our people,” Garcetti stated. 

He says the program expanded in order to help local restaurants who are hurting during the coronavirus pandemic. Money for the program came from FEMA and the state. 

For more information on the meal program you can call 213-263-5226 or visit the website

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