Burglars break into Encino home with babysitter, 2 kids inside

Terrifying moments in Encino Thursday morning after burglars broke into a home and just barely avoided running into a babysitter with two young children inside.

It all happened after midnight at a home north of Ventura Boulevard off Libbet and Moorpark, according to police. 

The babysitter with the two kids, ages 2 and 4, was woken up by the sound of breaking glass and burglars downstairs. 

She immediately locked herself and the kids in a room as she called 911. 

The burglars made it all the way to the second floor and ransacked the master bedroom.

But apparently, the noise that she made getting to the children alerted the burglary crew, telling them that the house wasn't empty as police believe they probably thought, so they all ran off. 

It's unclear if they even took anything with them. Police discovered the suspects got in by shattering a back sliding glass door, and they also left that way.

Security camera footage still has to be reviewed. 

Police tell FOX 11 they do not have any suspect descriptions at this time. It is believed, though, it was a crew of anywhere from two to four burglars and that they most likely had a getaway driver waiting for them. 

The babysitter and the children are okay.

Anyone with information is asked to call the LAPD.