BTS Galaxy launches in L.A., to host upcoming BTS Army Con

Call it a BTS bond. The fan base for the world-famous K-Pop boy is called BTS Army. Now meet Galaxy!

Los Angeles fans of the South Korean boy band have pulled together six fan bases under one umbrella called BTS Galaxy.

On Sunday they're hosting their first fan get-together called BTS Army Con. It's not on the mass level of a K-Pop Con or Comic Con, but its a start for four friends who met through the BTS fandom.

BTS Army Con manager Erika Sanchez says local fans can "maybe meet someone they can go to the next concert with, maybe meet a lifelong friend."

Sanchez, Emily Haydel, Susan Perry, and Alicesha Beth Milana are all BTS fans in their own right. All have been to numerous concerts. Three of them founded their own fan groups. Perry even met the boy band when they were little-known and playing at West Hollywood's The Troubadour.

Perry's twitter page @BTS_ArmyLeague has more than 200-thousand followers.

Sunday's BTS Army Con ties in with BTS Festa in South Korea. It's a celebration marking the month of June which honors the launch of BTS in 2013. The seven-member boy band has now topped the U.S. charts and made Time Magazine.

Fans say it's the lyrics, even though they're all in Korean and need translation for American fans. They credit the lyrics, the dancing, and eye-candy music videos.

BTS Army Con is Sunday at the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center. Fans can expect panels, YouTubers, and BTS choreography. Tickets are $15. For more information visit

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Their twitter page is @BTSGALAXYOT7.