Be Vigilant, Not Paranoid When Traveling

It's a busy time at LAX--one of the busiest days of the year, and that's before we all had the added stress and worry of a potential terror attack.

The memories of Paris are still powerful, and the State Department issued it's worldwide travel alert just two days ago. Still record crowds are expected over this holiday period.

So even though almost every traveler I talked with at LAX today said they were not worried about traveling, you had to know in the back of their minds world events were making them choose their words carefully,a and present a brave front to their families, especially if children were there.

Yes we know LAX has long been a " target,'' so increased patrols, both uniformed and undercover, more intelligence, more cameras, more awareness, those are all a good thing. And the President has repeated a line we've heard at just about every level of law enforcement in this country in the past two weeks, that '' there is no specific credible threat against the homeland.''

Does that make you feel better ?

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