Back to school in Ontario as teachers are in class and students are at home

No school buses or throngs of students with brand new backpacks in crowded hallways. Instead, lots of clicking fingers and voices of teachers in empty classrooms, saying things like "click on the button below your name" or "when you get to google classroom, look under the link for Assignments."

It’s all virtual teaching, on this first day of school at the Mountain View School District in Ontario. Everyone was apprehensive at the beginning, and most were overwhelmed by lunchtime. By the end of the day, though, most students we talked to seemed happy, even if they miss seeing their teachers and fellow students in person, there was a palpable sense of excitement.

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 We tagged along for the day, so take a look. For other school districts are looking for examples of how virtual teaching can be done, this may be a good example. It wasn’t flawless, but the technical issues were expected, and seem fixable.

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