Artist draws inspiration from childhood in foster care

Arthur Romeo is a man of many talents. And when it comes to Halloween, he uses his artistic skills to paint and carve gorgeous displays on pumpkins. From anime characters and celebrities, to FOX 11's Christine Divine and Elex Michaelson, Romeo can carve it all.

He's been making these designs since 2015, but his love for art started when he was growing up in foster care.

"I was in foster care for nine years, lived in over 17 homes. [It was] a very harrowing experience," Romeo said. "The only way I survived that was art." 

Romeo said he got his artistic eye from his birth parents from whom he is estranged. His time in foster care, jumping from home to home, he had a lot of pent-up anger. Art was his escape. Romeo said he started drawing because he was jealous of his sister, who had won an art contest.

"I was like, ‘I want to win a prize,'" he said. He told FOX 11 his Stevie Wonder piece is a stand-out for him, and that years later his sister is proud of him and his art.

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In addition to carving pumpkins, Romeo does caricatures, puppet shows, face painting, voice acting, animating and more. 

"When I teach my actors, I always say it's not about you, and it's easy to get swept up in the vanity of it all. Especially if you're doing some prominent work, it's going to live past you. Do good in the world and why not do it with art."