Suspects in custody after hour-long standoff in Pacoima

Two people were taken into custody Wednesday after a nearly hour-and-a-half-long standoff following a police chase through Pacoima

The Los Angeles Police Department, responded to reports of an armed suspect around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, and began a chase. The chase ended just five minutes in the 124000 block of Osborne Street, after the armed suspect crashed into two police cars, authorities say.

SkyFOX was live over the scene of the standoff, where it appears like there are at least two people in the vehicle.

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At multiple points in the standoff, the second person in the car got out and walked in the direction of police seemingly trying to talk to officers, before returning back to the car. 

After nearly an hour, two LAPD swat cars moved in to trap the suspect's vehicle, but the suspects still refused to surrender. Several minutes later, officers moved in with their guns drawn to take both suspects into custody.