Antibody testing for COVID-19: California isn't ready to release it to the public, only for use in studies

Governor Gavin Newsom announced the expansion of coronavirus testing, even saying the findings will help decide when to ease the state’s stay at home orders.  But when it comes to serology, or antibody testing, which the FDA is giving waivers for, California is not ready to use it for more than studies.

One family used it to decide their own fate - whether mom, a nurse working with COVID 19 patients, could come home to her five children. They believe the locally produced test should be available to all, not just for studies.

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What do you think?

The makers of the test say they are as efficient as the swab tests, that look for the actual virus, not just antibodies. But officials insist that it’s too early tell if antibodies actually protect the person, who has them in their blood, from the virus.  

More on antibody testing, as we look at the research, the controversy, and the people opting to use them.


How do you know what tests are legitimate and which are not? The FDA is reviewing dozens and dozens of waivers from laboratories and companies for serological kits to test for antibodies to the COVID-19 virus.  While it is yet to be scientifically confirmed that having the antibody in your blood means automatic safety from getting sick, there are some things it can tell you. 

Take a look at our story.  

If you want to find the companies that are applying for waivers, go to and check the “establishment registrations and device listings” for the different companies. You can also call the company, and ask them to see a waiver letter, which should have clear FDA letterhead. 

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