In Depth: Blind tech, Pickleball, LAUSD Band

SEGMENT A: Braille Institute Tech gadget training

A representative, instructor and student of the Braille Institute show us how it is possible for blind and vision impaired people to use smartphones, tablets and other devices to enhance their lives.

SEGMENT B: Pickleball

It's a game that's becoming widely popular-- pickleball. Representatives of a pickleball pitch machine talk about how the game is played, who it appeals to and what they think is the reason for its expanding appeal. They talk about the exercise and social aspects of the game

SEGMENT C:  LAUSD Marching Band

A bandleader and the LAUSD Music director speak to us about a popular nearly 400 member band and how it benefits students to have a music education. The band performed in the Rose Parade and will be performing in the upcoming Martin Luther King Day parade.


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