In Depth: Beating the heat

Segment One: Marla Tellez guest hosts for Hal. She is joined by Los Angeles City Heat Officer Marta Segura. Segura explains what her role is in the newly-created position. She says we have seen an increase in heat waves and an increase in heat-related hospitalizations. She says the city needs to modernize its approach to heat issues. 

Segura's department recently launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of the hazards of extreme heat. They are also creating a more heat-resistant infrastructure to counteract the urban heat island effect.

Segment Two: Marla speaks with California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday about the open applications for California Climate Action Corps.  He describes the program that is recruiting people who want to make a difference in the climate crisis in California.  There is a fellowship for a year of service that pays $30,000.  They are recruiting about 100 of these Fellows, and they are also looking for volunteers who want to help out on a more limited basis.
Those interested can find out more at

Segment Three: Pediatrician Dr. Lauren Crosby joins us to discuss how to keep kids safe during dangerous heat waves. She says it’s a bad idea to let kids play outside when it’s over 90 degrees. She says there are better indoor activities for kids in the heat of summer. She discusses the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke and explains what to do if kids start getting a little woozy in the heat, and how to tell when it’s time to call a doctor.

She also discusses COVID vaccinations for kids and talks about how to handle play dates and camp while kids are facing the potential for COVID infections.

Segment Four: – We end with a look at the recruitment video for the California Climate Action Corps.