What the Hal? The significance of the Goodyear blimp and its role in the city of Carson

The city of Carson was incorporated in 1968 and was created on land that had gone from farms, to oil derricks to waste disposal facilities, all utilizing the city’s wide open spaces.  

If you drive past Carson on the 405 Freeway you might notice the iconic Goodyear blimp. The airship plays a pivotal role in the city’s history. 

In this podcast with speak with Priscilla DeCapua with Goodyear who gave Hal a tour of the blimp. We also talk with one of the founders of the city of Carson and its former mayor Gilbert Smith. Smith is the last surviving member of the group that founded the city back in 1968 when citizens proposed incorporation to help prevent their turf from being used as the region’s garbage dump. 

We also head to a local New Orleans restaurant to speak with some locals on what they think about the city. 

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