Wednesday's Child: Denise, Anthony and German hoping to find same forever family together

Denise is the loving, easy-going big sister of this trio. She loves school and is interested in becoming a school teacher when she grows up, with social work being a second option she may consider. But when it comes to her brothers, Denise is quick to share the spotlight, highlighting Anthony’s love of all things soccer, and also reflecting on how she loves when, at the end of the day, German rattles on about all the activities he did throughout the day. 

Anthony also loves socializing at school, but more so really enjoys playing soccer. His positions are goalie or forward/striker. Anthony says he has a lot of friends, and aside from athletics, he also loves math. With his competitive nature in team sports, it’s no surprise that Anthony also likes being on the math team at school and participating in the "Math-a-thon". This year, he's going trick-or-treating as a soccer player.

German can be a bit shy and quiet around new people, but we’re guessing he had a lot to share with Denise about their day at the pumpkin patch! German says he wants to be a police officer when he grows up and will be dressing like one for Halloween. 

Tune in to Wednesday’s Child and watch as Denise, Anthony and German share an autumn afternoon together looking for great pumpkins. Then to learn more about adopting, call 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).