Video shows police officer rescuing raccoon with can on its head

A police officer in New York was called out for an animal rescue after a raccoon got a tin can stuck on its head on Sunday, July, 25. 

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According to the police, the homeowner reported the incident after watching the animal run around his yard. 

In the video, captured by the Police Department, Ramapo police officer Christopher Byrnes eventually frees the raccoon after several attempts.


FILE- Officer attempts to remove tin can from raccoon's head. Credit: Storyful

The clip also shows the raccoon evading the officer and running into numerous objects as he attempted to remove the can.

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"As you can see, the can was really stuck," the Town of Ramapo Police Department said. "Thanks to PO Byrnes’ persistence and love of animals he was able to remove the can!"

Storyful contributed to this story.