Thief Waves at Cameras During Burglary

During a rash of break-ins at restaurants and bars in Atlanta, one bar owner discovered a thief sending a brazen message: waving at the camera.

"It's kind of a slap in the face," said Bantam Pub owner Ken Taylor. He said the thieves ripped through his restaurant's plastic porch covers, then threw a large rock through a window to gain entry into the restaurant.

Video captured the thieves, well-disguised with heavy clothing, taking off with a cash box from a register and waving at one camera inside the restaurant.

The damage totaled more than $3,000. The thieves took off with $20 worth of quarters.

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Thieves also smashed their way into the following other restaurants in one week: Cabbage Pie in Cabbagetown, Tapa Tapa in Midtown, and Sun in My Belly in northeast Atlanta.

Atlanta Police have not said the incidents are connected, although the criminals used the same technique to break into the restaurants by hurling rocks and mostly targeting the cash registers.