Students react to Pete Buttigieg town hall at USC

Nearly every seat was filled, USC students and members of the community packed the Brovard Auditorium for the FOX 11 town hall featuring Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg.

“I feel really honored that he came to my school and that I could hear him speak in person and obviously he met all of my expectations,” said USC Student Erin Bakes.  

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Fresh off Wednesday’s fiery Democratic Debate In Nevada, Mayor Pete sat alongside Anchor Elex Michaelson for a question and answer session touching on important topics like climate change, education and of course, President Trump.

“I’m ready to go toe-to-toe with this president but the real key to debating him and the real key to defeating him is to deny him the power to change the subject,” said Buttigieg. 

“I’d love to see the two go at in a debate but I think if he’s this calm in front of all of us and even on the debate stage. I think he’ll give Trump a run for the money.” said attendee Addison Arce. 

For the politically minded, seeing Buttigieg was a chance to learn more about his policies and his personality: “I think Americans right now could benefit from a president watching on TV that could make your blood pressure go down a little bit instead of up to the roof.”

Buttigieg joked.

After the town hall, some undecided voters say they’re now making the leap to Team Pete. “I was kind of on Team Warren but now I feel like I have confidence in Pete and I feel educated and ready to be on the team,” said USC Student Sidney Chuckas.

But for others, a former mayor from Indiana did little to sway them. “I was undecided going in and I’m more undecided going out.” said Judith Harris.