Riding Metrolink? Leave your hoverboard at home

Beginning today, hoverboards and other self-balancing electronic devices will not be permitted aboard Metrolink trains, according to the Southern California commuter railroad.

"This is a proactive step we've taken to ensure the safety of our passengers," Metrolink spokeswoman Sherita Coffelt told local news media outlets last week. "There have been concerns voiced about these devices catching fire and blowing up, and until there are more studies done, we're not going to allow them on the trains." Coffelt said.

Metrolink executives made the decision to bar hoverboards following informal discussions. The matter has not been addressed by the agency's Board of Directors, she said.

According to Coffelt, there have been no reported injury accidents involving hoverboards and other self-levitating products on Metrolink trains or at its 55 stations. "We just felt it was prudent to take this action now to prevent anything from happening," she told local news media outlets.

Hoverboards function like skateboards but operate using electromagnets, rotors and other advanced technology.

Coffelt said that if passengers board trains with their boards, Metrolink personnel will ask them to step off. The devices will not be seized, however.

"They may not be able to ride," the Metrolink spokeswoman said. "We'll try to work with them and give them the option of returning to take another train."

From Sandra Endo:

Cal State LA student Kayla Douglas got one over the holidays and is "bummed" she can't bring it to school since she commutes on the metro link train. "Our campus is big so I wanted to use it to ride around but I can't bring them on the train."

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