Residents protest over rent increase at affordable housing complex in Los Feliz

Residents at an apartment complex in Los Feliz protested the recent spike in rent Wednesday morning. 

Kingswood Apartments located near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue is an affordable housing complex that is home to several residents who receive Section 8 vouchers.

According to residents at the complex, they were given written notice in May that their rent would increase 20 percent within 60 days. 

There was "no conversation. Just a slip a paper and that piece of paper felt like a slap in the felt more like an eviction notice," one resident said. 

Residents pay on average $795. With the recent spike, rent will rise to $1,079.

The apartments are owned by The Michaels Organization. 

"They're using public money and saying they're building affordable communities...that's not the case," another resident told FOX 11. 

FOX 11 reached for comment, but have no heard back. 

The rent hike means some people who reside in the units may be facing homelessness.