New California laws that go into effect July 1, 2019 that you should know about

Several bills that were signed into law during the last legislative session will go into effect on July 1 in the state of California.

Here are the ones you should know about:

Ammunition sales:

A new ammunition law will go into effect on July 1, requiring gun owners to undergo a background check when buying ammunition. Click here to read more.

Gas tax increase:

California's latest annual gas tax increase kicks in on July 1. It will go from 41.7 cents to 47.3 cents -- that's a 5.6 cent increase per gallon of gas as the majority of Americans plan for a summer getaway, according to AAA.

Peace officers, video and audio recordings:

Assembly Bill 748 will require police departments in California to release body camera video and audio from police shootings and use of force incidents within 45 days of the incident.

Patient's Right to Know Act:

Starting July 1, medical providers will be required to notify patients before treating them if they have been placed on probation for serious professional misconduct involving harm to patients.