Mayor Garcetti describes process of helping Biden choose Harris as his running mate

As Senator Kamala Harris prepares to take the virtual DNC stage on Wednesday to formally accept her nomination as the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke with FOX 11’s Elex Michaelson about the process that led to the Harris selection.

That, as Garcetti, alongside former Senator Chris Dodd, Delaware Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester and Cynthia Hogan, has spent the past four months serving on the VP Search Committee for the Biden campaign.

"Having the Vice President ask you to help him find a Vice President is like Michael Jordan telling you to find him a shooting guard," the Mayor said.

“We had incredible women,” Garcetti continued, describing the pool of potential running mates the committee considered. “[We had] more than one from California, as you read about, Latinas, African Americans, White women, Asian Pacific Islander women, lesbians, straight women, like everyone in the entire spectrum. It’s really reflective of where this country is, and that this monopoly of just men being on the ticket needed to end.”

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When asked, Garcetti said that he would keep the extent of his private counsel with Biden private, but he did open up about what he told Democratic Presidential nominee that Harris, a friend of 15 years, would bring to the Democratic ticket.

“When I spoke to [Biden], I said ‘you know what you’ll have with her, and you know what you’ll have in the White House together, she’s ready on day one, she’s ready to expand the base, to win in November.’”

Ultimately, the decision to choose Harris fell to Biden himself, who in the waning days of the process appeared to have narrowed the pool of applicants to Harris, Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA), and Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Garcetti recalled how he learned Biden had settled on Harris.

“It was Jill who called me,” Garcetti said, heaping additional praise on the former second lady, who delivered Tuesday night’s main convention address, calling her an exceptional woman, educator, mother, and human being.

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On Harris, Garcetti said he was “over the moon,” when he heard the news, and not only because Harris, who was born in Oakland and now lives in Los Angeles, puts a Californian on a national ticket for the first time since Ronald Reagan ran for re-election in 1984.

“I couldn’t be happier, not just for California, but for this country, that she’ll be shattering three glass ceilings, and is the best person for the job,” Garcetti said. “She’s going to be a great Vice President with a history-changing President, Joe Biden.”

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