Lancaster mayor vows to hold 4th of July show despite countywide ban

 The mayor of Lancaster is eager to still have a 4th of July fireworks show despite coronavirus concerns. 

The idea is to make it like a drive in movie… have people in their cars watch fireworks. But, even that is not okay with LA County Public Health officials. They’ve issued an order prohibiting public fireworks displays in LA County.
“The idea that some bureaucrat can come up to our city and control it… they can’t,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.
Mayor Rex Parris is upset with Dr. Barbara Ferrer, LA County’s Public Health Director, who laid down the law this week on public fireworks displays in this county.
“With the fireworks we’ve issued a health officer order and we ask that everyone adhere to it, stated Dr. Ferrer.
The order prohibits public displays. This is what the mayor wants… so, despite the order, its full steam ahead… the mayor even threatening to light the fireworks himself.
The mayor says he’s even filed for a protest permit so he can blast off his fireworks as a protest if need be. He claims with less COVID-19 cases in his region it’s safer than other places for having a celebration.
”What I know for certain is if we don’t have a firework show people are going to be in their backyards. They’re going to have their friends in their backyard. They’re going to be using illegal fireworks.”
LA County Fire Chief Daryl Osby told FOX 11 News that he’s not happy with the mayor’s decision. 
“Lancaster came to us today asked us for a permit and we denied it and said they were going to move on with the show without our approval,” Osby stated.
The chief says Mayor Parris could be setting himself up for a legal problem if he does in fact violate the law.

He says LA County Fire would have to do an inspection and have a licensed pyrotechnic operator whom without official approval could jeopardize their own license. The chief worries about safety. The mayor says it’ll be like a drive in movie… people sitting in their own cars.

But, that doesn’t bother Parris. Neither does the idea of people gather in close proximity in neighborhoods to watch… as long as people wear masks.