L.A. City Council votes in favor of adding diaper-changing stations in men's bathrooms at parks

The Los Angeles City Council voted in favor Tuesday of developing a plan to install diaper-changing stations in every men's public restroom at the 400-plus sites managed by the Department of Recreation and Parks as part of a move away from "a gendered view of childcare."

A motion introduced by City Councilman Joe Buscaino and approved on a 13-0 vote looks to build upon a motion introduced by Councilman Jose Huizar and approved in 2017 that calls for the city to explore installing diaper-changing stations in all publicly accessible restrooms at City Hall as well as at all city constituent service centers.

"Here in Los Angeles we pride ourselves on building a city of equity, but too often our infrastructure doesn't express that. Fathers continue to be more involved with childcare and are spending triple the time with their kids than they were in 1965," Buscaino said. "Our infrastructure has to keep up."

Buscaino's motion did not state if the city already has some changing stations in women's restrooms at some park facilities, but said that "as parenting responsibilities are becoming more equally distributed between men and women, it is also important that the city move away from a gendered view of child-care by ensuring everyone has access to diaper changing stations in all public facilities."

The motion directs the Department of Recreation and Parks to report back with an audit of existing diaper changing stations in men's and women's restrooms on their sites and the feasibility of providing diaper-changing stations in each of their restrooms, regardless of gender.

CNS contributed to this report.