In Depth: The dream of an unparalleled public transportation system in Los Angeles

The year was 1993 as Mayor Tom Bradley and Governor Pete Wilson opened LA's first subway with promises to build an unparalleled transportation system within 30 years. Today, we'll find out how close we are to that dream from decades ago.

We'll talk to leaders about what's coming next, and we'll follow a typical commuter as she navigate's LA's complex rail system for the very first time.

On any given Monday through Friday, Metrolink says it has 40,000 train boardings a day, while Metro reports 1.2 million on their bus and rail system. While Metrolink says ridership is a little bit up for them, Metro says theirs is a little down, likely from competitors like Uber and Lyft.

Today, we're talking about your commute tomorrow.

Here's a What The Hal podcast with the same guests, as we expand more on our interviews: