In Depth: SoCal's stormy weather & its local impact

In an effort to find out how our crazy rainy season is going in all five of our counties we hear from Public Works officials from all of the counties in our viewing area.


In this segment, our studio guests are Shannon Wider, Dan Lafferty and Jeff Pratt. Pratt is the Public Works Director in Ventura County. Lafferty is a Deputy Director for LA County Public Works. Shannon Wider is the Strategic Public Information Officer for Orange County. In this segment they discuss how their systems are holding up given the fairly regular rain we've been seeing. What does it mean to the drought?


In this segment, Juan Perez represents Riverside County Public Works while, Branden Biggs is from the San Bernardino County Public Works Department. They discuss the infrastructures in their counties and their concerns.


Wider, Lafferty and Pratt are back in this segment to discuss how water is being saved from all of our storms.


A look at our podcast "What the Hal?". This week's episode is about Easterseals. Who's behind the organization and what are they doing to help our community.

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