Hollywood Hills residents on edge as stranger roams around neighborhood

A jarring sight in the Hollywood Hills as doorbell camera shows a stranger roaming around the neighborhood.

The man, known by residents on North Beachwood Drive as an erratic intruder, knocks on front doors and wanders through yards.

"I woke up and it said, ‘There’s someone. There's a person outside.' I looked on the live and I saw him," said neighbor Mariette Natasha. "He's knocking and ringing the doorbell. And you could see on camera that he's like looking at my windows."

Natasha said the man left her terrified and shaking.

"I called the cops," she said. 

Neighbors told Natasha that the same man has been seen exposing himself to others and yelling profanities outside.

"He was looking to hurt somebody that night," she said.

The Los Angeles Police Department has responded to 911 calls from that neighborhood but officers have yet to catch the suspect.

"Thank God I didn't open the window because he's very dangerous," said Kuka Ortiz, another neighbor.

She said it's common for senior citizens to open the window. But with the stranger roaming the area, she's now having second thoughts.

"From now on, I will not do that," Ortiz said.

Neighbors tell FOX 11 that he has popped up in the area around 2 or 3 a.m. banging on the doors.

As of Friday night, LAPD has not formally released a description of the man that is leaving the Hollywood Hills residents on edge.