Historical North Hollywood recording studio at risk of being lost

The owner of the legendary and historical North Hollywood music recording studio "The Alley" is asking for the public's help in saving the studios from being razed and turned into apartments.

Originally founded in 1965, The Alley was expanded in 1973 and was home to some of the biggest musicians in history, including Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers are just some of the big names who have recorded there.

"The whole place is made of hit records," said John Strand, the owner of The Alley. "You've got everything from The Eagles to Little George, Pat Benatar, this is the place they actually wrote Hotel California about."

The Alley's walls are full of platinum records, and signatures from the superstores who recorded there, and FOX 11 was the first news media outlet to be invited inside.

"You're sitting pretty much where Rick Rubin recorded the Chili Peppers," he said.

But Strand says there's a problem. The Alley is in a financial hole, unable to pay off loans, and they've had to file for bankruptcy.

"Unless we come up with two million dollars, and that's immediate funding, within the next two weeks, we're going to lose The Alley and will be forced to sell it," Strand said.

He said developers already have plans to turn the property into apartments, just like neighboring properties.

"Knock down The Alley, sell the bricks, we're talking about losing all the history, they don't care," Strand said. "We need people who care about music that care about history, that care about passing on social redeeming factors instead of money."

Strand said he isn't looking for a handout, just some financial support until The Alley can get back on its feet.

And if no investors come forward, he's willing to fight tooth and nail to make sure The Alley and all of its history is saved.

"A huge part of history is on the brink of being lost, they're gonna tear it down and build apartments, look how beautiful this place is we should not lose this," he said.