"He was a good guy", coworkers in shock after father was killed by son

A father was shot and killed by his own son Thursday morning in Canoga Park.

The suspect, Gerry Zaragoza killed his brother and father inside their apartment around 2 a.m. before going on a violent crime spree through the San Fernando Valley.

The father has been identified as 50-year-old Carlos Zaragoza, many of his co-workers are in shock.

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The owner of a San Fernando Valley carpet cleaning company stood outside an apartment complex in the 21000 block of Roscoe in total disbelief. He looked at the police, the yellow caution tape, the news reporters. So sad, he ended up crying on this reporter's shoulder. And, as he did he said..."Carlos was a good guy! Carlos was a good guy."

Michael Ramia was Carlos Zaragoza's boss at America Carpet Cleaning and Restoration and had worked together for 12 years.

Carlos was one of the first shot and killed in his 26-year-old son's alleged murderous rampage.

At the cleaning company offices Carlos' picture hangs on the wall above grieving co-workers who, were understandably "just shocked," as Marisa Schatz put it.

Tonia Baldadono was just talking to him yesterday as he sat in a chair next to her desk.

She told FOX 11, "he was just sitting there before he takes off." Takes off to his carpet cleaning van. It's number 15. And, on this day, his personal items were all still inside.

Ramia says repeatedly, "It's devastating... it's devastating... poor Carlos man."

He knew there were problems. "Drugs, but it was mostly marijuana," said Ramia.

"Carlos wasn't afraid of his son," he said."But I think he was cautious around him. I told Carlos a week ago there's a friend over here that put his son in rehab in Mexico, took him down to Tijuana, they picked him up. I said Carlos do the same with your son."

Office manager Lisa Medina and others say they never heard Carlos talk of family problems adding "It's so sad. He was just a wonderful man."

Meanwhile, Ramia has set up a GoFundMe account to help the family with funeral expenses.