2 earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 4.0 shake Santa Rosa

Two earthquakes rattled northeast of Santa Rosa Tuesday evening, according to the United States Geological Survey. 

The first 4.4-magnitude quake struck at 6:39 p.m. at a depth of approximately 4.6 miles, USGS said. 

The temblor could be felt throughout the Bay Area including locations like Calistoga, Hercules, Vallejo, San Francisco, San Bruno and San Rafael. 

One KTVU follower on Twitter said she could feel it in her seat at Oracle Park. 

An aftershock struck about one minute after the initial jolt. That initial 3.9 earthquake was measured in the same area by USGS. By Wednesday morning, however, that second earthquake was upgraded to 4.3. 

Santa Rosa Fire Department on Twitter said they were responding to multiple reports of gas odors, gas leaks, fire alarms as well as stuck elevators. Fire Marshal Paul Lowenthal said soon after the quake struck, the department got several calls for service. There were no fires as a result of those gas leaks, fire officials said. There were no reports of injuries related to the earthquake as of 7:22 p.m. 

Some residents described the quake as a violent shake that lasted for about 10 seconds, followed by the aftershock. There were no reports of major damage. 

Video shows some damage from the quake, including toppled figurines on a Slater Street residents' floor and crooked pictures on the wall. Marine Corps. memorabilia was broken and there was damage to the home's exterior PVC water pipes. Leslie Melodia, of Santa Rosa, said she noticed cracks in her walls after having to hang on for a good amount of time. 

"The dogs were acting strange, so I let them out in the backyard. Not 10 seconds later I had to grab a hold [of the] door frame to our kitchen and dining room because it was jolting so bad and glass was shattering on the floor," said Melodia. 

At Campus and Pacific Market & Liquor at 1880 Mendocino Avenue, BuzzBallz cans were scattered in their display case and downed liquor bottles were strewn about the floor. Workers were left cleaning up broken glass. 

The Geological Survey indicates the Rodgers Creek Fault is the likely culprit for the earthquake. The most recent moderate earthquake to strike along this fault line was back in 1969.