Floating artwork seen in Ballona Creek

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Floating art installation in Ballona Creek

What many thought was a homeless craft in the Ballona Creek is actually an installation by a local artist.

An unusual work of art was seen floating in the Ballona Creek in Del Rey. 

Some thought it looked like a homeless encampment... but artist Sterling Wells, who was seen on the raft, says his project is a bit of an experiment.

"I chose this location because of the combination of the natural ecology, like the trash and human," Wells told FOX 11.  

He spent the last month building it and plans to move it once completed. He expects it'll take another month to finish.

He said he does a lot of watercolor on the wetlands and the LA River, so he wanted to add this to his collection. 

Right now, he's calling the floating artwork the Ballona Creek Bird Blind.