Tips to make the best fried chicken for Sunday's big game

Gretchen "Nana" Shoemaker and her daughter Nika own "Georgia's Restaurant". They stopped by to spill the secrets on their popular fried chicken and talked about how opening the restaurant helped the family move forward after the passing of Nana's husband George. Georgia’s Restaurant - Nika and Nana’s Special Pro Tips on How To Make The Best Fried Chicken: Never Overcrowd Your Frying Pan Based On Its Size • Depending on the size of your pan, you should always try to leave an inch around each piece of chicken The Best Way To Keep Your Chicken Crispy • Never place your Fried Chicken on a paper towel • Instead, keep your Fried Chicken on an oven rack in the oven at 250 degrees Soak Your Chicken in Buttermilk • Use buttermilk as your wash in place of eggs • Buttermilk does a terrific job at keeping your chicken super moist and juicy Always Double Dredge Your Chicken • Soak your chicken in Buttermilk and roll it in flour, then let it set for a minute • The re-dip your chicken in the buttermilk a second time and roll in flour to set again • By dipping, rolling and letting your chicken set a second time, it will completely enhance the flavor and the crunch of your Fried Chicken Always Watch Your Temperatures

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