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Posted: Mar 16 2018 02:38PM PDT

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FOX 11 In Depth: Little girl creates booming lemonade business

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  • Most kids set up lemonade stands to make some extra money. Kinyah Bean started her own lemonade business at the age of 8. Not your average kid. Here is her

    FOX 11 In Depth: Little girl creates booming lemonade business

  • This next segment features guests talking about the recent lawsuit over immigration in California.

    FOX 11 In Depth: Lawsuit over Immigration in California

  • This week's first segment of In Depth looks at the gun debate in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

    FOX 11 In Depth: The gun debate and whether teachers should be armed

  • The second segment look at Trump's so-called war on California and a movement called New California, that wants to create a 51st state.

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  • We look at the infamous glove from the

    FOX 11 In Depth: OJ A Lasting Impact Part 4

  • Our panel continues to discuss memories of covering the OJ Simpson story in the 90s.

    FOX 11 In Depth: OJ A Lasting Impact The Aftershow

A Message from Hal Eisner
Host of FOX 11 News IN DEPTH 

When we envisioned FOX 11 News IN DEPTH we had in mind a public affairs program with a sense of flexibility that would allow us to look at stories in depth. That could be via long-form stories from the field and/or in-studio interviews. With a sense of flexibility, a show could be multi-topical or a single subject. This has worked well as we've explored homelessness, immigration, LA's bid for the 2024 Olympics and many other significant topics. From our first IN DEPTH, we have asked for your input. 

We'd love to hear your comments on our stories, subjects, and ideas for future shows. Just write me at and put the words IN DEPTH in the subject box. I want to thank you for taking the time to watch IN DEPTH and, if you've missed any of our programs, you can find them on this special page. Also, you can find me here on as well as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.