Bill Lamb

Bill Lamb

SVP and General Manager

Bill Lamb is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of KTTV and KCOP. Bill joined the FOX duopoly in July of 2019 after 17 years as the President and General Manager of WDRB and WBKI in Louisville, Kentucky and Vice-President of Broadcast Operations for Block Communications, Inc. overseeing eight television stations.

His management style is one of innovation and calculated risk taking. He led WDRB from #4 to #1 in terms of total news audience and total revenue, but he is most proud that for 8 consecutive years, WDRB was named "One of the Best Places to Work" by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce - the only media outlet ever given that award.

Bill has been in broadcasting for more than 40 years starting in Flint, Michigan. He then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Florida, Birmingham, Alabama, Miami, Florida and Peoria, Illinois before Louisville and Los Angeles.

In 2018, he was inducted into the Kentucky Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.

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