Bill Lamb

Bill Lamb

VP and General Manager

Bill Lamb is the Vice President and General Manager of KTTV and KCOP. Bill joined the FOX duopoly in July of 2019 after 17 years as the President and General Manager of WDRB and WBKI in Louisville, Kentucky and Vice-President of Broadcast Operations for Block Communications, Inc. overseeing eight television stations.

His management style is one of innovation and calculated risk taking. He led WDRB from #4 to #1 in terms of total news audience and total revenue, but he is most proud that for 8 consecutive years, WDRB was named "One of the Best Places to Work" by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce - the only media outlet ever given that award.

Bill has been in broadcasting for more than 40 years starting in Flint, Michigan. He then moved to Nashville, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Florida, Birmingham, Alabama, Miami, Florida and Peoria, Illinois before Louisville and Los Angeles.

In 2018, he was inducted into the Kentucky Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.

The latest from Bill Lamb


Point of View: Saving the horse racing industry

Point of View is about bringing many diverse issues to the forefront and discussing them. You may not sense a theme from week to week, which is what I’m hoping for.  I will be all over the place.  Not all topics will be equally important, but they will all be worth discussing.  Last week was about our homeless situation, today is about horse racing.  No relation between the two, but both need discussion.  


Point of View: Nothing is fair about California's "Fair Pay" bill

The California legislature has now passed something they call the “fair pay” bill that would allow some college athletes to hire agents, sign endorsement deals, and benefit financially from their high profiles. But it really isn't fair at all.  For the most part, athletes in non-revenue sports aren’t going to get much if any of this pay.  Only a few elite football and basketball players will really benefit.  They’re the ones on TV who are well known.